Phoenix_classBright Happy Power is a charitable foundation inspired by the life of 9-year-old leukemia patient Jessie Doktor, who died following complications from a bone marrow transplant late ion 2007. It is shaped and supported by her family and friends, including her older sister Sarah, for whom the journey continues.

Jessie’s elementary-school-aged friends are among our biggest contributors. Just look at the list of sponsors. They hold car washes. They collect pennies and loose change. They plant flower bulbs.

They also find other ways to help. They fold paper cranes. They collect items for wish lists and care packages: flip-flops and stuffed animals and toiletries and nail polish and baby blankets. They perform community service projects for seniors and hospitals and schools and classmates.

54_friends_bhp2Yes, we reach out to children and families who need help. And as we reach out, both children and adults learn that we have the power to make a difference. All of our lives are changed by caring for others.

Jessie’s friends are working close to home. And abroad. You can, too.