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Ipswich Moving Company School of Dance provides one dancer each year with a Bright Happy Power scholarship to cover tuition. Both sisters — Sarah and Jessie — danced at this school. For children living with many sorts of challenges, the opportunity to pursue passions, explore creativity, practice self-expression, and develop healthy mind-body-spirit connections, opportunities such as dance (or karate in an earlier posting) allow them to simply “whole children.”

Pink-Ballet-Shoes-pink-color-34590493-378-317The family of this year’s young scholarship recipient told us, “Dear Friends: I am so happy to have learned of your foundation through Miss Jenny Carlson at the Ipswich Moving Company School of Dance. My little one was just awarded your scholarship for the next year of dance at the school.” As the family tells us, this scholarship recipient, “has been dancing at Ipswich since age 2 1/2, attending the Time to Dance Class,” and is now enrolled in “Creative Movement and will be in Ballet next Fall … and loves it so much.”

The mother, speaking for the child and family, described how director Jenny Carlson told the family that every year the school gives the scholarship to “another child who has what she referred to as Jessie’s “bright red leotard” personality.” The mother went on to add, “I am … grateful for my family to be receiving such a gift. Financially, it is a huge help … But more than the money, I feel blessed beyond words to be connected with another child’s sweet spirit and to learn of the incredible work that Bright Happy Power is doing for so many people.”

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