Boston Marathon

For several years, wheelchair athlete Dr William Tan and several runners such as Jason Wertz have participated in the Boston Marathon in celebration of Jessie’s life and to help with fundraising for Bright Happy Power and local area hospitals such as Mass General and Childrens Hospital Boston. We have been partners in the Boston Marathon since 2008.

Polar Express Week

Annually Bright Happy Power provides interactive games and activities, along with “wish bells” for patients treated at Childrens Hospital Boston, in honor of the Polar Express book that is read and the associated movie that is viewed each year at the holiday. From our modest events on oncology/hematology, this event has grown to become a hospital-wide event available to patients and families on all units with pajamas, gifts, stories, games and activities, largely sponsored by Mission One and other nonprofits.

Floating Wish Lanterns

Volunteers fold wax paper boats in which we place tealights and handwritten wishes to float out onto the darkened Ipswich River. Annually we float about 500 wishes out onto the river. Look for the event again this autumn in Ipswich, MA.