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BHPower-ST327x270mmH-1Please hold our two racers in your hearts. Send your strong, resilient thoughts for their spirit and speed over 26.2 miles on Monday, April 20.

You may follow elite wheelchair athlete Dr. William Tan (bib number W45) in his comeback race and fleet-footed Ipswich runner Jason Wertz (bib number 7138) in his second marathon. Track status updates on both athletes using the Boston Athletic Association Marathon mobile phone app (type in BAA) or online receive text alerts from AT&T (sign up here).


Dr. Tan’s elite wave leaves at 8:50 am; wheelchair racers attempt to finish between 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours. Jason Wertz starts in wave 1 of runners at 10:00am; he finished with a time of 3 hours 8 minutes in 2014. Both athletes will race (or so the weather forecast predicts) through inclement conditions, such as rain. Dr. William Tan is also using a new racing chair, which he is testing and adjusting this weekend.

Jason Wertz’s family will be cheering for racers at the Mass General Hospital mile 20 water stop, and we anticipate catching up with William Tan at the end of the wheelchair race. Unlike past years, we may not be able to get close enough to snap photos and cheer in person. Due to security, and tall barriers, it is virtually impossible to see the finish line from the street anymore (according to William’s evaluation of the end-of-race setup) so families and friends must choose between cheering at some point along the route, or reuniting afterward.


Jason Wertz with his sons


Jason Wertz, bib 7138, with his support team: his 3 sons (and his wife Michele taking photos)

Donations to support our racers may be made through the links to the right. Jason Wertz is helping us kick-start a fund for some pediatric programming at Mass General Hospital. EBSCO Publishing is matching donations made to his run. Dr. William Tan will provide a complimentary copy of his autobiographical story, No Journey Too Tough, for a $28 donations made to Bright Happy Power in honor of his race.

The moments that lead these athletes to the starting line are long and complex. The journeys they take to the finish line are personal and profound. We are deeply moved by their commitment: they are heroes to us. Their efforts, and your support, allows us to continue to serve children and families living with cancer and other catastrophic challenges.

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