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In his own words, Dr. William Tan tells us that after being diagnosed with Stage 4 leukemia in April 2009, he was “… told that he has only 9-12 months to live.” He “braved 6 months of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.” Now five years later, Dr William Tan, Class of 2002 Harvard University, seven times Boston Marathon wheelchair racer and friend of the Doktor family (and marathon partner of Jessie Doktor) is celebrating his renewed life.

photo child in carrier (2)He is, in his own words, “Grateful that I have turned 5 years old (of survivorship).” To mark this anniversary, Dr Tan will handcycle from London to Paris through the English Channel Tunnel over a distance of 500 km in four days from 19 June 2014. He is working to raise funds for cancer research and treatment in several regions (he has lived and raced all over the world), and as his North American cause, seeks donations to Bright Happy Power.

Learn more about our deep connection to Dr William Tan.

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